About Bio Glitter

For something so tiny, glitter is having big negative effects on the environment. Regular glitters are made from microplastics. When microplastics are washed down the drain and into the ocean, they are consumed by fish and birds and are very damaging to marine life.

Don’t worry, you can keep on sparkling while not damaging the environment.. Introducing Bioglitter!

Bioglitter is essentially sustainable glitter which is made out of materials that make it biodegradable. It is made from plant derived materials rather than plastic.  Bioglitter is made from the fibers of Eucalyptus trees. These plants are sourced from responsibly managed plantations in Europe.

Bioglitter biodegrades in the presence of four naturally found elements: heat, water, oxygen & micro-organisms. The rate of degradation is determined by the size and condition of the bioglitter. Warm and wet conditions are ideal. A good analogy is that a leaf in an arid desert will take longer to degrade than in a swamp. It usually takes 2-3 months for the glitter to degrade & disappear. If bioglitter is accidently ingested by marine life, it is metabolized naturally, unlike traditional glitter, which remains in the animal and accumulates up the food chain.


Does this mean bio glitter will dissolve in water?

Nope! Bioglitter doesn’t dissolve in water because the elements that are needed to biodegrade it and change it into a harmless substance, are found in the natural environment. Speaking of dissolving, it might interest you to know that just because something dissolves does not mean it goes away completely. For example, salt will dissolve in seawater. The salt is still in the water, despite not being visible. Just because something becomes invisible, doesn’t mean it is gone forever!

What is the shelf life of bioglitter?

Bioglitter won’t biodegrade until its put into the natural environment, which means it has an indefinite shelf life if stored correctly. Store your bioglitter in a dry, cool environment, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

How do you remove bioglitter?

Grab your favourite face cloth or reusable makeup remover pad and wipe away. Use mild soap or coconut oil if needed. The planet will thank you!

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