5 Ways To Be Sustainable This Spooky Season

by | Sep 22, 2022

Spooky Season is here! Whether you’re trick or treating with kids, or dancing the night away, you can look the part without damaging the environment! Here are some simple ways to make spooky season more sustainable.


Pre-made costumes are not only expensive but also are not the most eco-friendly option. Novelty clothing is fun, but only wearing an outfit once is adding to the waste of the fast fashion industry. Borrow and swap items with friends. Charity and vintage shops are full of potential costumes, you may even come up with an idea while browsing!

Face Based Costume

Pick a costume that centers around your face, not clothing. For example, a skull. Wear any black clothing you already have, and put your effort into creating an awesome skull on your face! There are so many options here, witch, vampire, cat, wolf etc. This way you can have an incredible costume without buying any new clothes!

Use Biodegradable Glitter

So, if you’ve chosen a costume that is mostly about your makeup, you might want a bit of sparkle right? What’s cooler than a skull? A glitter skull! Almost any Halloween makeup look can be enhanced with glitter. Regular plastic glitter is a microplastic and is very damaging to the environment. But don’t worry, just switch to bioglitter! Biodegradable glitter is made from plant derived materials rather than plastic, and will biodegrade within 6 months! Add red glitter as blood for a spooky vampire, green glitter for a witch or blue glitter for a beautiful mermaid. Sparkle Sustainably this Spooky Season!


Decorating your house for a Halloween party, or just for fun is one of the best parts of Halloween. However it is also one of the most wasteful. Most decorations are made from non-recyclable plastics. Try and reuse old decorations, or make your own! Cardboard boxes can make great tombstones, and don’t forget about pumpkins!


If you are having a Halloween party, make it plastic free! Don’t use disposable plates, cutlery or cups. Use regular ones or buy biodegradable ones! Try and buy local food and bake spooky treats. Compost all leftover organic matter, and recycle where possible!

If we all take these small steps towards sustainability, spooky season will be much more earth friendly. Our fun shouldn’t damage the planet!