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At Eco Fae we are passionate about the environment. Every aspect of our business is centred on being kind to the planet.

We want to offer an alternative to regular plastic glitter. Bioglitter is essentially sustainable glitter which is made out of materials that make it biodegradable. It is made from plant derived materials rather than plastic. The bioglitter is packaged in glass tubes, safely secured with aluminium screw caps. These tubes are 100% recyclable. If you would like to know more about bioglitter, check out our ‘About Bioglitter” page.

The mailers and wrap we use to post our products are made from recyclable materials and sourced from Irish companies. Our brand stickers are from an eco-friendly company, they are made using recycled paper and soy-based inks. We do not include leaflets, or anything that we think is unnecesary in our packages. This is an intentional choice to reduce waste.

Our products are 100% plastic free and recyclable.

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Eco Fae is an official partner of Projekt Glitter

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