Glitter Glue


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A gentle, all natural, aloe vera based glitter glue, to help keep your biodegradable glitter stay in place throughout the day and night. (20 ml)

Eco Fae is a partner of Projekt Glitter

This product eco-friendly, cruelty-free & as safe for the planet as it is for your body, face & hair. Bio-Glitter | Plant Based Glitter | Biodegrades in the Natural Environment | Vegan | Cruelty Free | Ocean Safe | Sustainably Sourced

How To Use

Using a glitter brush or your fingers, apply a thin layer of our plant-based glitter glue to the area you would like to sparkle.

Then dip the brush into your bio-glitter tube to grab the glitter. Now brush the glitter onto the primed area.

Wait 5 – 10 seconds to allow the aloe vera gel & eco glitter to dry & set.

How To Remove

Simply use some warm water and a face towel to wipe off the bio glitter – it’s as easy as that!


100% natural aloe-vera

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