5 Ways To Wear Glitter This Spooky Season

by | Sep 22, 2022

Spooky season is here! Glitter can add so much to a makeup look. This goes for Halloween makeup too! We have come up with 5 ways you can wear glitter this spooky season.


We’ve all seen the incredible skull makeup looks that pop up every Halloween. How about a glitter skull? Use black glitter, or a variety of colours to make a glittery rainbow skull. Glitter is also perfect if you are opting for a Day of the Dead style skull, use pink or blue!

Bloody Vampire

There are lots of Halloween costumes that involve fake blood – why not swap it for red glitter! Vampires, zombies, wolves etc, can all sparkle as well as scare!

Mermaid or Fairy

If you’re not into the gruesome costumes, you might want to dress up as a mermaid, or fairy. These costumes can be greatly enhanced by adding glitter! Try adding blue glitter to the cheeks in a mermaid makeup look, or pink for a fairy.

Disco or Glam Rock

If you want to dress up as a disco star, 70s glam rocker etc, glitter is essential! Add glitter to your eye makeup or even lips! Draw a lightning bolt with glitter on your face to be a glittery Bowie!


Dressing up as a traditional princess may not be too exciting, but there are lots of options you may not have thought of! How about an Ice Queen? Use white/silver/blue glitter to create a glittering icy look. An evil princess? Add black/red glitter to your face to create a darkly royal look. King Neptune? Add blue/gold/green glitter to become the King of the Sea!

Our Bioglitter is perfect for any of these looks, and comes in a range of gorgeous shades. Check them out!